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Links I Like: Dry-Fried Szechuan Chicken, and Szechuan Eggplant

At one of my recent jobs as a software engineer, here in tech-heavy suburban Boston, I had a few coworkers – let’s call them Fans of the Spicy (FOTS).  One of these jovial nutters had a half-dozen small bottles of hot sauce on his desk, which he’d bring to lunch every day, to jazz up [...]

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Garlic/Ginger Rib Roast With Chuffed Potatoes

My sous chef recently stole/borrowed my photography equipment (such as it is) and flew off to Tahiti for a glamour shoot.  So for my Super Bowl party, I was, alas, left without equipment.  (Also:  I had a bunch of hungry people who were more interested in eating the food than in watching me photograph it.)  In any case, you’ll have to trust that the finished product here looks strikingly lke a rib roast with chuffed potatoes, because it sure did!

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