Help Fund Additional Cookbook Recipes and Much More!

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We’re running a “Slacker Backer” Fundraising Campaign to help fund continued work on Medium Rare & Back Again, plus additional online recipes! Would you like to help us?

We ran a Kickstarter campaign to see if people would be interested in the hardcover book, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Because people believed in this project, we were able to fund a lot of recipe development and professional photography to make the book look awesome.

Now, we would love to take that to the next level! If you arrived at the Kickstarter page “a little too late to the party” to donate then, you can still help!  Your donation will help us do the work of converting the hardcover edition of “Medium Rare and Back Again” into an awesome electronic e-book edition, as well as developing and publishing additional online-only recipes once the book is done, hiring professional photography for new recipes beyond the book, and much more!

Feel free to donate as little or as much as you like, but donations over $50 will receive a signed, personalized copy of the cookbook, and all donors will be listed on our Thanks page (anonymously, if you prefer)!

Thanks so much for your support!