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Gollum's Ruined Fish

Gollum’s Ruined Fish

While it is somewhat widely agreed that a good grilled fish is a delight, it’s possible that spending 500ish years as a shriveled, sparsely-toothed creature may change one’s tastes over time. And while Gollum’s motto of “Sushi-grade or else, precious!” certainly lands him on the good side of many local health regulations (which are, by [...]

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Links I Like: Dry-Fried Szechuan Chicken, and Szechuan Eggplant

At one of my recent jobs as a software engineer, here in tech-heavy suburban Boston, I had a few coworkers – let’s call them Fans of the Spicy (FOTS).  One of these jovial nutters had a half-dozen small bottles of hot sauce on his desk, which he’d bring to lunch every day, to jazz up [...]

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Chinese Five-Spice Smashed Potatoes

It’s always fun to take a recipe and put a couple twists on it. Here, we’ll combine a wonderful roasted smashed potato recipe with some Asian flavors and a brief marinade, to give a crispy-on-the-outside dish with a sweet, smooth center, topping it all off with some candied bacon! Many restaurants serve “smashed” potatoes – [...]

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Smoky Balrog Wings

Perhaps the most hotly contested debate within the Tolkien fan community is “Do Balrogs have wings?”  “Yes!”, “No!”, the people shout, but surprisingly, the schism persists.  (Okay, so, honestly, the actual discussion is a little more nuanced.  And lengthy.)  In this fierce argument, however, it is important not to lose sight of two key facts: [...]

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Sam's Pork Pie, served with roasted apples and mustard

Samwise Gamgee’s Pork Pies

These are not for the faint of heart.  By this, I mean that they’re decidedly not for people suffering from acute heart disease.  Or for vegetarians.  Pork pies are really, seriously not for vegetarians.  If you fall outside the union of those two categories, plough ahead and read on! 

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Garlic/Ginger Rib Roast With Chuffed Potatoes

My sous chef recently stole/borrowed my photography equipment (such as it is) and flew off to Tahiti for a glamour shoot.  So for my Super Bowl party, I was, alas, left without equipment.  (Also:  I had a bunch of hungry people who were more interested in eating the food than in watching me photograph it.)  In any case, you’ll have to trust that the finished product here looks strikingly lke a rib roast with chuffed potatoes, because it sure did!

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Lord of the Rings movie marathon menu!

As many of you know, my good friend The Tolkien Professor, whose podcast has shattered records both in this Age and in the Fourth Age (the heyday of PNN:  the Palantir News Network), hosts an annual Lord of the Rings movie marathon at the school where he is a distinguishedesque professor of English.  Last year, [...]

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